The Reception of the International Relations Directorate is connected to the General Secretariat and is responsible for reception activities in general and for attending to enquiries both from staff and students of the University and from the public.

Persons responsible: Maria de Fátima Santos and Marília de Fátima Sardinha Pinto

Tel: + 31 3409 4025


The recently created Information Section is connected to the Secretariat of the DRI Cabinet. The Section is responsible for the preparation and recording of data for institutional reports, as well as for preparing documents to support the activities of the Directorate.

Persons responsible: Cláudio Lott and Patrick Arley


Tel: + 31 3409 4025


The principal purpose of scheduling international missions (both incoming and outgoing) that have the support of the International Relations Directorate is to negotiate bilateral or multilateral agreements linked to work projects that are judged to be of interest to UFMG and its partner institutions.

The DRI routinely received visits from representatives of universities with which it has agreements and also from universities that are interested in establishing partnerships with UFMG. The DRI’s participation in international events and missions has grown gradually.

Person responsible: Aline Kelly Saborido


Tel: + 55 31 3409 5550