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IEAT Annual Seminar 2018

IEAT holds on October 18 and 19 its Annual Seminar, in Auditorium B106 of Center of Didactic Activities 3 of UFMG (CAD3). Presented since 2007, IEAT`s Annual Seminar is a traditional meeting of the Institute to present to the community an extract of its activities during the year.

The Seminar is open to the public with free entrance. The certificate of attendance will be issued under request. Previous registration can be made by electronic form. 

According to IEAT director Estevam Las Casas this year when the Institute’s 20 years are approaching and in line with this week’s selected theme, “the IEAT 2018 Annual Seminar will be a space to present research developed at the Institute and have the opportunity to discuss about inequality in Brazil.  Recent data indicates that the 5% wealthier of the country own more than 95% of Brazil`s wealth and recently we have seen millions of people unemployed and the return of the country to the map of hunger. The shy advances of the last decades are threatened”. “IEAT Annual Seminar is a moment of reflection when we also hear from the University community critics and suggestions of our work as well as present the resident’s researches and research groups”, highlights Professor Las Casas.

2018_Seminario_anual_cartazIn the 18th the Seminar will count with the presence of Marcelo Medeiros, researcher of Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA) and professor of UnB for the event’s opening conference about the theme “Education, wage inequality and poverty in Brazil”.  Then the UFMG Professors Simone Wajnman (Cedeplar/FACE) and Marisa Ribeiro Teixeira Duarte (FaE) will hold the round table Inequality: a transdisciplinary question. To end the event in the morning of the first day the e-book IEAT Memorandum will be presented.

At the same day the presentations of IEAT resident professors projects will start with the participation of Marisa Ribeiro Teixeira Duarte (FaE), Samira Zaidan (FaE), Andityas Soares de Moura Costa Matos (Law School) and Raoni Guerra Lucas Rajão (Engineering).

In the 19th the schedule will proceed with the presentations of resident professors with the participation of Fabiana de Menezes Soares (Law School), Mauro Luiz Engelmann (FAFICH), Maralice de Souza Neves (FALE), and Maria Angélica Melendi de Biasizzo (EBA).

The 2018 IEAT Annual Seminar is part of the 27th edition of the Knowledge’s Week, which brings the proposal to discuss the diversity of produced and shared knowledge by the university in dialogue with society sectors. With the theme “Knowledge and practices to reduce inequalities”, the event integrates the National Week of Science and Technology.

[Update: Professor Claudia Cardoso Martins, FAFICH, due to other commitments, will not be able to attend this edition of the IEAT’s Annual Seminar.]