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Launch of the book 'The system of exclusion in the Brazilian neoliberal city'

In November 30, Professor Denise Morado from School of Architecture at UFMG and former resident of IEAT will launch the book The system of exclusion in the Brazilian neoliberal city, published by Editora Lucas Anticapital. The book will be launched, at 5 p.m, on the Zoom platform, through this link.

Professors Estevam Barbosa, director of IEAT/UFMG, Luciana Lago, from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, and Henrique Novaes, from Universidade Estadual Paulista and member of the Editorial Board of Lutas Anticapital will join the activity.

According to the preface, written by Professor Luciana Lago, Denise Morado presents us methodological tools capable of unraveling the perceptions and (re) actions of the dominated to the exclusionary practices that shape the life at the Brazilian neoliberal city, denaturalizing what she calls of the “exclusion system”. The book reveals the “frustration of an intellectual who for years has been immersed in the peripheries of the great metropolis and is committed to those who live there, trying to apprehend and understand the complexity of the production of these places” – she highlights.

About the author
Professor Denise Morado graduated in Architecture and Urbanism by Faculdades Metodistas Integradas Izabela Hendrix, she holds a MA in Architecture by the University of York, England, a PhD in Information Science by the School of Information Science at UFMG and a Post-Doc in Geography by the Institute of Geosciences at UFMG. She is currently an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture at UFMG and coordinator of the research group PRAXIS-EA/UFMG (Social practices in urban space).

The book launch is promoted by IEAT/UFMG in partnership with PRAXIS-EA/ UFMG.