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Research Groups

The Program of Research Groups acts as an instrument to develop advanced and transdisciplinary research approved and maintained by the Institute. It also acts as an instrument to receive researchers linked to the UFMG, mostly, who take part in activities that are related to the objectives of the IEAT.

Induced groups are defined as those constituted around themes, demands and projects originated from IEAT and accredited groups are those that come from outside the Institute, but which show interest in being sheltered by it. Such program work in continuous flow and may be presented at any time. Both groups must be approved by the Board of Directors and formed by a majority of UFMG researchers, with the optional participation of external collaborators, professors and researchers.

The groups last 1 (one) year, and may be renewed. During this period, they may develop their projects alongside the departments, units or equivalent administrative structures, but they will not receive any grant or pay from IEAT.

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