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The Museum has invited Mabe Bethônico to interview The Collector. Since the beginning of the year, Mabe Bethônico and The Collector had been exhibited three consecutive periods at the Museum, starting a project dedicated to the Permanent Collection. Now, the fourth and last segment of the series, the work is being exhibited at the Museum's Library, available for consultation. The transcripts of the character follows, "always in debt with the collection".

MB: Since when?
TC: For sometime I used to be only at home and to buy the papers everyday was a chance to come out from that silence, to meet street. Once a neighbour gave me a few newspaper cuttings of houses on the edge of lakes and rivers. She said they were to be looked at up side down, seeing the reflexions where the buildings were.

MB: Was this an inspiration?
TC: It was only sometime later when I started looking at pictures more carefully.

MB: Do you actually read the papers? Do you open all the sections?
TC: I read the headlines, it is difficult not to; but not everything. And I don't even open sports and ads sections.

MB: Do you collect other things besides the newspapers?
TC: I've got many scissors, but they are not a collection.

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