SWIB 2010

Belo Horizonte - 5 a 8 de outubro de 2010

SWIB 2010

"Pela primeira vez estes quatro grandes eventos ocorrem paralelamente em uma mesma cidade, Belo Horizonte."

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Accessibility and therapeutic use of interactive systems
  • Affective computing
  • Context-sensitive interaction
  • End-user programming
  • Ergonomics in HCI
  • HCI and aging
  • Education in HCI
  • Social aspects of HCI and their application on health systems, public transportation, education, and environment
  • Integration of HCI and Software Engineering
  • HCI design techniques and tools
  • Localization and Internationalization of User Interfaces
  • Formal methods and diagrams for User Interface design
  • Human-robot interaction
  • Intelligent, adaptable and adaptive interfaces
  • HCI and citizenship
  • HCI and entertainment
  • HCI and information dissemination
  • Legal issues on HCI
  • Usability evaluation methods
  • Mobile HCI and Smart home applications
  • Multimodal interfaces
  • Innovative interactive input/output devices
  • Social interaction: virtual communities, online communities
  • Task analysis and task modeling
  • Information visualization techniques for interacting with large data sets
  • Theoretical aspects of HCI
  • Privacy and security issues on HCI
  • User analysis and user modeling
  • Methods for the design and evaluation of user interfaces
  • Voice interaction
  • Web-based user interfaces
Topics of interest
  • Idiomas

  • Transfer/Transporte

    Local e data

    • Belo Horizonte-MG
    • De 5 a 8 de outubro de 2010
    • Dayrell Hotel e Centro de Convenções
    • Rua Espírito Santo, 901 – Centro
    • Belo Horizonte/MG