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Here you will find the programs and institutional projects supervised by the Central Administration.

Distance Education
At UFMG, the Consultancy in Distance Education is responsible for transforming distance education into a kind of teaching/learning that adds quality and flexibility to traditional teaching methods. Site updated March 2002.

Winter Festival
Every July, the UFMG Winter Festival gathers Brazilian and foreign artisits in dozens of courses, workshops, seminars, and open-air shows. Bringing together teaching and extension, the Winter Festival de Inverno is the largest cultural event in Minas Gerais today. Site updated July 2003.

Always UFMG Program (Alumni)
The UFMG Always (Sempre UFMG) Program aims to strengthen the ties between the unviersity and its alumni, working as a constant link.

Young UFMG
The Young UFMG (UFMG Jovem) Program knowledge for all is an academic Project of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. It aims at broader and deeper relations between the unviersity and the various social segments, mainly with primary, high, and higher education.

Virtual UFMG
Virtual UFMG is project that aims to improve teaching and to expand services at UFMG.

Grude Project
Grude is an institutional program run by UFMG for information and cooperation technology that offers a growing scope of tools for the academic community: e-mail, corporate scheduler, instant communication, video conference, personal and institutional sites, intranets, distance education, and more .

Program for Management of Solid Residues – Geresol
The Program for Management of Solid Waste PAGERS is a UFMG proposal for solid waste. It aims to create guiding lines for the management of solid waste produced at UFMG and for the foundation of a new environmental policy at the institution.