Subjects available in recent semesters

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Registration in Isolated Graduate Subjects 2016/2nd

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Information for isolated subject candidates:

  • • External candidates are considered to be those with no student status in UFMG.
  • • Candidates with an Undergraduate Degree in Biology or in other areas may request registration in elective subjects from the PPG-ECMVS as isolated subjects. Prior acceptance by the course lecturer is required.


In-person request for isolated subject registration

Deadline for 2016/2: August 5


  • • “Request for Registration in Isolated Subject” form, completed and signed;
  • • Copy of undergraduate diploma;
  • • Copy of undergraduate academic records;
  • • Copy of Taxpayer’s ID (“CPF”)  and Identity Card, or equivalent;
  • • Document proving acceptance by the course lecturer
  • • Original receipt of Registration fee payment.


Important Information
  • • Incomplete documentation will not be accepted. Documents will only be received from candidates who have already been accepted by the course subject lecturer.
  • • Digitized documents will not be accepted.
  • • The request may only be made in person, so documents sent by post will not be accepted.