Course Syllabus

Brief Description Of Contents

1. Brazilian History
From the age of European discovery until these days

2. Brazilian Geography
A huge and most diverse territory, with all that it entails

3. Brazilian Culture
The cultural richness of Brazilian multi-ethnic and multiracial people

4. Brazilian Law
Key elements of the Brazilian Law and legal system

5. Brazilian Society
Ultra-complex Brazilian society and its main components

6. Brazilian Politics
Polity and policies in the largest Latin American national community

7. Brazilian Economy
The engines of Brazil’s gigantic economy

8. Brazilian Foreign Policy
How an emerging power connects itself with the outside world

9. Brazilian Cinema
The unknown strength of the Brazilian cinema

10. Brazilian Arts
The artful Brazilians and their most talented interpreters

11. Portuguese Language for Foreigners
A taste of Brazil through the language

12. Race in Brazil
An introduction to racial dynamics in Brazil