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Veterinary Medicine
Twenty-nine labs and three annexes constitute the School of Veterinary Medicine’s complete infrastructure. Every year, the Veterinary Hospital carries out six thousand clinical and surgical cases and pathology and radiology exams. Linked to the Hospital, a clinic helps farmers. In addition, the school has two experimental farms in the Greater Belo Horizonte area: the Professor Hélio Barbosa farm, at Igarapé, and another at Pedro Leopoldo.
Of its 70 teachers, 22 have a doctoral degree, 44 have a master’s, and 50% are enrolled in doctorate programs abroad. The school’s main research areas at present focus on animal reproduction (handling, physiopathology, and biotechnology), residues in animal produce, development of biologics, evaluation of food and agro-industrial waste, mineral nutrition in animals, intensive meat, milk, and egg production, and production and health-disease organization.

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