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Six academic units are involved with research in the area of Human Sciences and Applied Social Sciences. At the School of Philosophy and Human Science (Fafich), 90% of its near 220 teachers from the six departments have master’s or doctoral degrees and are doing research. At the Department of Sociology, researches focus mainly on Urban and Industrial Sociology and Sociology of Culture. At the Department of History, the characteristic topics are Oral, Political, and Economic History. The Department of Political Sciences works mostly with Public and Administrative Policies, Brazilian and International Politics, and Political Theory. At the Department of Philosophy, most works focus on the relationship between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, Marxism, Social and Political Philosophy, Esthetics, Art Philosophy, and Logic. Also connected to Fafich, the Esthetics Laboratory does research and documentation work on Esthetics and Art and Civilization History.

The School of Education (FAE) has three departments, which carry out interdisciplinary activities with other University sectors. The Center for Literacy, Reading, and Writing (Ceale), which develops many projects on child and adult literacy, has been the major source of publication at FAE. The Center for Mathematics and Science Teaching in Minas Gerais (Cecimig) studies the learning processes in the area and offers permanent courses for primary and secondary teachers.

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