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School of Letters
At the School of Letters (FALE), there are three major research areas. The first is Linguistic Studies, pure or applied to Portuguese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, and Latin. Another area encompasses Literary Studies, including Semiotics and Comparative Literature. A third area deals with Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching Methods.
Linked to FALE, four centers develop research. The Center for Portuguese Studies has five thousand books, among them rare collections such as the Camiliana. The Center for Literary Studies keeps and studies the personal libraries of Brazilian writers, donated by the families of Henriqueta Lisboa, Oswaldo França Júnior and Murilo Rubião. Still at FALE, the Center for Interdisciplinary Afro-Brazilian Studies involves researchers from Fafich and FAE. Likewise devoted to interdisciplinary research, the Laboratory of Phonetics is equipped with the most advanced technology for reading and classification of sound waves.

Writing Workshop and Multimedia Lab
The Writing Workshop and Multimedia Lab (OTLM) has gained prominence at FALE for its interdisciplinary actions, helping to train professionals to work with texts and other kinds of languages.
In addition, it renders services and does research on translation among languages, conducts experiments with various sorts of media, making vídeos, promoting access and communication between people, and demonstrating the warmth of a whole cultural production that takes place at the university.

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Fine Arts
At the School of Fine Arts, the most important research is done at the Center for Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Goods (Cecor). The Center develops techniques and carries out art restoration and conservation.
Together with teachers from the Department of Chemistry, Cecor develops substances, pigments, paints, and other materials. It runs a Post-Baccalaureate Program. Other important research is done on Holography and Cinema, with the Images of “Imagens de Minas” Project that aims to recover the movies made in the state.

The School of Music does pure and experimental research. Pure research is done on the History of Brazilian Musicology, Analytical Methodology, and 20th Century Composers, via the Center for Research on Contemporary Music. Experimental work is done on Musical Initiation and Education. Fundamental to research are the unit’s Labs of Music and Computer and of Electroacoustic Music.

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