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FAQ on general topics


Target countries


What countries may I apply to spend a research period outside Brazil?
Candidates may apply for stays in any country. However, applications for non-priority countries will only be approved when   70% of UFMG’s financial resources in the CAPES/PrInt Program has been assigned for activities in priority countries (see Appendix I of CAPES-PrInt Call 041/2017 and list available on this link).

May I apply for a stay in a country that is not considered a priority for CAPES?
Yes. But please bear in mind that  Appendix I in CAPES-PrInt Call 041/2017 states that 70% of the financial resources has to be used for fellowships in countries listed as priority by CAPES, check list available on this link.


Partner institutions


May I apply for a stay in an institution that does not have a formal agreement with UFMG?
A formal agreement is not required for the submission and approval of a proposal within the internal calls of Capes/PrInt at UFMG. However, if the application is finally approved to be funded, you will need a formal agreement with the foreign institution to meet the requirements of the CAPES-PrInt Call 041/2017. For information on UFMG’s agreements with foreign institutions, please e-mail  “Agreements” at UFMG’s Office for International Affairs (convenios1@dri.ufmg.br).


Benefits / Fellowships


What are the benefits granted through Capes/PrInt at UFMG?
The benefits available to prospective grantees are established by CAPES Ordinance No. 125,  of 29 May 2018, available here.


Eligibility analysis


Can the Dean’s Office for Graduate Studies check my documents before I submit my application?
No. The documents submitted for your application must be in accordance with the call of your interest, within those available at https://www.ufmg.br/prpg/capes-print/chamadas.


Non-UFMG applicants


Who may submit a non-UFMG application?
Applications by  non-UFMG researchers must be submitted by a UFMG faculty member who is also a member of a graduate program participating in Capes/PrInt at UFMG. The link for submissions is https://sistemas.ufmg.br/print.


As a UFMG proponent, may I invite more than one external visitor?
Yes, you may, as long you submit one single application per Call. For instance, you may invite one Visiting International Professor in Brazil for Call 08/2019 and one Post-Doctoral Stay for Candidates with International Experience (DEE) for Call 09/2019.




Who is required to have an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) to apply to the Calls within Capes/PrInt at UFMG?
An ORCID is required from grant recipients.  Hence, the candidate’s own ORCID must be provided in calls 06-PDSE and 07-PVJSE, while the UFMG faculty member must provide the ORCID of the non-UFMG candidate in calls 08-PVE and 09-PDEE. An ORCID can be obtained free of charge at https://orcid.org.


FAQ PDSE – Call CAPES-PrInt/UFMG 06/2019


Language proficiency

Which language proficiency tests are accepted for stays outside Brazil in accordance with Call 06/2019 – PDSE?
The applicant must meet the requirements described in Appendix XII of Capes Call for Proposals PrInt 041/2017.

When must language proficiency certificates be submitted?
Language proficiency certificates are one of the mandatory documents to be uploaded upon submission, according to item 6.7 of the Internal Call 06/2019 – Capes-PrInt UFMG.

How long will my language proficiency certificate be valid for?
Language proficiency certificates must be valid at least until September 13, 2019. According to item 1.9 in Appendix XII of Capes-PrInt 041/2017, “Proficiency tests will be considered valid until the last day of submission deadlines for each application category”.

Do I need to submit any certificate of language proficiency for stays in Portuguese-speaking countries?
Yes. For Portuguese-speaking countries, it is mandatory to submit a certificate of proficiency in English, according to item 1.1 in Appendix XII of CAPES-PrInt Call 041/2017.

Can an English language proficiency certificate  be accepted for applications to stays in non-English speaking countries?
Yes, as long as an English language proficiency certificate is accepted by the host institution and English will be the working language as explicitly stated by the host supervisor in his/her letter of acceptance.


Qualifying exam


Do Calls mandate that candidates submit results of their first PhD qualifying exam as proof of having successfully completed that requirement?
According to the Internal Call 06/2019, candidates who submit proof of having successfully passed their PhD Qualifying Exam will rank preferentially. In the case of graduate programs requiring more than one PhD qualifying exam, candidates may submit the results of any of the qualifying exams they have taken and successfully passed.

FAQ PVJSE – CAPES/PrInt-UFMG Call 07/2019


Eligibility analysis


I obtained my doctoral degree from a non-Brazilian institution. Do I need to have it recognized in order to file an application?
Yes. Item 5 in Call 07/2019 states applicants must “Have a doctoral degree recognized pursuant to the Brazilian law and present proof of recognition”. Item 6 in Call 07/2019 also states “Doctoral degree recognized pursuant to the Brazilian law”.


Faculty member


How can I submit proof of being a current faculty member at UFMG?
You may submit a copy of your last pay slip.


Graduate program member


I am a member formally affiliated to a participating graduate program of Capes/PrInt at UFMG, but I am unable to file a submission.  Whenever I enter my data to file a submission, I get a message stating I am not formally affiliated to my program. What should I do?
Please check at the secretary of your graduate program if your affiliation has been requested to the Academic Advisory Board of the Dean’s Office for Graduate Studies  upon approval by the advisory board of your graduate program. Only UFMG faculty members formally affiliated to a participating graduate program are allowed to file a submission.


Length of stay stated in Letter of Authorization X length of stay for fellowship application


The letter authorizing my leave issued by my University Department states a stay period longer than the stay outside Brazil period I intend to apply for in my fellowship submission. Can my application be refused due to this?
No. The length of your leave granted by your Department may be longer, but not shorter, than the length of stay you intend to apply for.


Publications required for application


Five complete publications are requested to be submitted as PDF files for all applications. In the case of a book, am I expected to submit a digital file of  the entire book?
In the case of books, please provide the book’s table of contents and catalographic data, including ISBN, publisher and editorial board.


FAQ PVE – CAPES/PrInt-UFMG Call 08/2019


Visiting Professor Invitation


Are UFMG applicants allowed to invite more than 1 (one) visiting professor?
Only 1 (one) visiting professor may be applied for pursuant to Call 08/2019.


Length of stay of Visiting Professors at UFMG

May an application be submitted for a length of stay other than 15 days?
No. The minimum length of stay allowed by CAPES is 15 days; pursuant to CAPES/PrInt-UFMG Call 08/2019 this length may not exceed 15 days.


Attendance to Scientific Events


May a visiting professor from outside Brazil participate in a scientific event to he held in Brazil?
Yes, provided the event takes place at UFMG and attendance to it is not the sole purpose of CAPES/PrInt funding. Participating in an event may be an opportunity to further develop the main activities within a proposal, namely teaching theoretical and practical courses, giving lectures and conducting seminars at UFMG.


FAQ PDEE – CAPES/PrInt-UFMG Call 09/2019


Postdoctoral Fellows with International Experience outside Brazil (PDEE)


May a UFMG proponent invite more than one Postdoctoral Fellow with International Experience outside Brazil (PDEE)?
No. The UFMG proponent may invite only 1 (one) Postdoctoral Fellow with International Experience outside Brazil (PDEE) pursuant to Call 09/2019.


Candidates still pursuing their PhDs


I haven’t concluded my PhD yet; can I apply for a fellowship?
According to item 5.2.1, candidates who have not yet completed their PhD must provide, alongside their Letter of Consent, a letter by  their thesis supervisor stating that the thesis defense will take place before  fellowship granting, should they be successful in their application.  The supervisor’s letter must be replaced by  proof of doctorate completion before fellowship granting.


Postdoctoral Fellows with International Experience outside Brazil (PDEE)


Which documents can be submitted to attest experience outside Brazil?
Experience outside Brazil can be attested by submitting an official document issued by a higher education institution certifying active or completed enrollment in a doctoral program, doctoral stay of at least 12 (twelve) months, or post-doctoral stay.


Postdoctoral Fellows with International Experience outside Brazil (PDEE)


Which documents can be submitted to attest residence and academic experience outside Brazil?
Residence and academic experience outside Brazil can be attested by submitting an official document issued by the institution to which the  applicant is affiliated at the time of submission.