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Combinação de Dados Altimétricos Extraídos a Partir da Tecnologia LIDAR com Imagens Multiespectrais Rapideye


– Rodrigo Pinheiro Ribas
– Marcos Antônio Timbó Elmiro


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The combination of data from various remote sensors has been increasingly applicability, due to the increasing number of information from remote sensing techniques and the wide variety of resolutions available. The combination of LIDAR altimetry data with information of multispectral satellite image with high spatial resolution has great potential to overcome the limitations of each sensor characteristics, such which little spectral information contained in the data generated by airborne laserscanner and also the low sensitivity of the multispectral images of orbital satellites to capture data on the vertical structure of the targets. The aim of this study is to test the ability of combining altimetry data from LIDAR technology with multispectral images of high spatial resolution satellite RapidEye. The LIDAR point cloud has been processed and interpolated to create a digital image with altimetric information, named Digital Model Height (DMH). To the junction of the information contained in the MDA with the multispectral image RapidEye was used RGB color system, combining two satellite bands with the MDA and then analyzing the color composites derived. The combination of structural data provided by LIDAR technology with the spectral information provided by satellite RapidEye showed great potential for application in analysis of various kinds of environments.

Keywords: remote sensing, digital image processing, airborne laserscanner, multispectral images, sensoriamento remoto, processamento digital de imagem, varredura laser aerotransportada, imagens multiespectrais


Fonte: Anais XV Simpósio Brasileiro De Sensoriamento Remoto – SBSR, Curitiba, PR, Brasil, 30 de abril a 05 de Maio de 2011, INPE P.5540
Ano: 2011

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