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The New World Species of Leucospis Fabricius, 1775 (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Leucospidae): an Update of Bouček’s Revision With Description of Two New Species From Brazil

Autoria e Infos

Alessandro Rodrigues Lima


Priscila Guimarães Dia



The revision of Leucospis Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Leucospidae) by Bouček (1974a) is updated for the New World spe-
cies based on material deposited in Brazilian collections. We provide a key to the New World species including all species described after Bouček, describe two new Brazilian species, Leucospis copepucu sp. nov. and L. muru sp. nov. describe
the male of Leucospis opalescens Weld, 1922, and provide diagnoses and illustrations for ten other Brazilian species and
one Argentinian species and comments on new geographic records for Brazilian species, with maps.

Key-words: taxonomy, key, Minas Gerais, bee parasitoid

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