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A Key to the Neotropical Species of the Enicospilus Ramidulus Species-Group (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Ophioninae), With the Description of a New Brazilian Species


– Alessandro Rodrigues Lima
– Claudia Maria Jacobi
– Alice Fumi Kumagai


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A key to the Neotropical species of the Enicospilus ramidulus species-group is provided, with the exception of Galápagos Islands species. A total of 22 specimens of E. purgatus (Say) were examined and its known distribution (Southern Brazil) extended to the states of Bahia and Amazonas, in Northeastern and Northern Brazil, respectively. A new species, Enicospilus diae Lima & Kumagai sp. n., is described from Southeastern Brazil.

Key-words: Parasitoides, trampa Malaise, taxonomía


Fonte: Zootaxa 3409
Ano: 2012

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