Centers for Regional Studies

The Centers for Regional Studies were created in 2013 as a result of the internationalization policy of UFMG, in order to guarantee an active role of the institution in the international arena.

Coordinator: Professor Marcos Alexandre (Faculty of Letters)

- Professor Francisca Izabel Pereira Maciel (Faculty of Education)

- Professor Vanicleia Silva Santos (Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences)

- Professor Mauro Martins Teixeira (Institute of Biological Sciences)

- Professor Uende Aparecida Figueiredo Gomes (School of Engineering)

  • Center for East Asian Studies —

Coordinator: Professor Bárbara Malveira Orfanó (Faculty of Letters)

- Professor Gilberto de Assis Libânio (Faculty of Economic Sciences)

- Professor Seung Hwa Lee (Faculty of Letters)

- Professor Gloria Regina Franco (Institute of Biological Sciences)

- Professor Fernando Gonzaga Jayme (Faculty of Law)

Coordinator: Jamile Bergamaschine Mata Diz (Faculty of Law)

- Professor Alexandre Mendes Cunha (Faculty of Economic Sciences)

- Professor Georg Otte (Faculty of Letters)

- Professor Klaus Guimarães Dalgaard (Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences)

- Professor Daniel Fernandes Macedo (Institute of Exact Sciences)

Coordinator: Professor Eduardo Bastianetto (School of Veterinary)

- Professor Heloísa Faria Braga Feichas (School of Music)

- Professor Felipe Paiva Fonseca (Faculty of Dentistry)

- Professor Wagner Meira Junior (Institute of Exact Sciences)

- Professor Lucas Carlos Lima (Faculty of Law)

  • Center for Latin American Studies —

Coordinator: Professor Manoel Leonardo Wanderley Duarte Santos (Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences)

- Professor Romulo Monte Alto (Faculty of Letters)

- Professor Dalila Andrade de Oliveira (Faculty of Education)

- Professor Natacha Silva Araújo Rena (School of Architecture)

- Professor Christianne Luce Gomes (EEFFTO)

Staff: Ms. Flávia Caldeira

Phone: +55 31 3409-4589