Internationalization Committee

The 1st Internationalization Committee was established in November 2002 by Rectorate Decree No. 03845. With a view to the growth in UFMG’s international activities, Decree No. 070 of 23 August 2012 established a new configuration for the UFMG Internationalization Committee, which now comprised 6 members: the Director of International Relations, who chairs it, 2 academics recommended by the Teaching, Research & Extension Council (CEPE in the Portuguese acronym), 2 academics recommended by the Rector and 1 student recommended by the CEPE.

In making their recommendations, the CEPE and the Rector take into account the experience of the academics in exchange activities and international academic cooperation and seek to ensure that the Committee includes academics belonging to diverse subject areas.

The role of the Committee has been essential and strategic in the consolidation and amplification of UFMG’s policy of internationalization. It acts as an interlocutor between the International Relations Directorate (DRI in the Portuguese acronym) and the academic units; it analyzes processes relating to the internationalization of UFMG; and it issues statements of opinion on the matter. In addition, it discusses the criteria for implementation of the Internationalization Fund, it helps to publicize calls for international projects and exchange projects and it takes part in the reception of foreign missions at UFMG.


Deise Prina Dutra (Titular)

Fernanda Cimini Salles (Suplente)

Nilo de Oliveira Nascimento (Titular)

Sônia Maria Soares (Suplente)

Isabela Almeida Pordeus (Titular)

Alessandra Giani (Suplente)

Luiz Cláudio de Almeida Barbosa (Efetivo)

Carla Ribeiro Volpini Silva (Suplente)