Free movement

Free movement

Free Movements is an exchange process in which students themselves enter into contact with the teaching institution at which they wish to study, without the mediation of a pre-established programme. The DRI is still responsible for issuing an exchange declaration so that the students can be released from their institutions. With this process, however, it is not necessary for there to lock the enrolment, and it is ensured that subjects studied abroad will be useful when the student returns.

Step by step

1) Check whether the foreign institution has an agreement with the UFMG (to see the list of agreements, select the relevant continent under the heading “Agreements” on the home page of the website. If there is not agreement, contact should be made with the DRI in order to see whether it is possible to establish one.

2) If there is an agreement, contract should be made with the institution to try and gain a place to study there for one, or at the most two, semesters. The DRI does not mediate this process. It is up to each student to gain such a place, depending on availability at the institution. It must be emphasized that the DRI is not able to intervene if the institution does not accept the student.

3) If accepted by the institution, students should bring the acceptance letter (which is issued by the foreign institution, stating that it is accepting the student to study disciplines within it) to the DRI. When it receives the acceptance letter, the DRI draws up an exchange declaration, which allows a request to be made for release of students from their college.