Nomination: Professor Clélio Campolina Diniz, Department of Economic Sciences, FACE / UFMG

Period: March 18 to April 30, 2008

Ann Roel Markusen is director of the Center for Industrial and Regional Economics at the University of Minnesota, USA. Her extensive CV includes the authorship of 12 books, 66 articles and 62 book chapters, covering regional and urban economics, technology economics, military industry , disarmament and related topics, in addition to 43 PhD theses supervisions. Recognized and respected internationally, Prof. Ann Markusen has received 11 awards and decorations for her academic contributions. In recent years, Prof. Markusen has been working on analyzing the relationship between culture and development (artistic and cultural activities and communities), focusing on the role of these activities in regional and city development. Among his publications, the following stand out: Defining the cultural economy, Economic Development Quarterly, 2007; Urban development and the politics of a creative class: evidence from a study of artists, Environment and Planning 2006; The artistic dividend: urban artistic specialization and economic development implications, Urban Studies, 2006.