The Brazilian Forum for Advanced Studies (FOBREAV) was created in August 2015 by directors of the Institutes and Centers for Advanced Studies of Brazilian Universities. FOBREAV aims to be a space for action and creative critical reflection on the strategic challenges in the implementation of studies and prospective research of an interdisciplinary nature.

FOBREAV proposes to conceive and develop initiatives and programs aimed at the integration between universities, government, companies and social organizations, through the construction of knowledge production networks based on inter and transdisciplinarity and public responsibility for knowledge. In addition, it should contribute to the globalization of the Brazilian University and the expansion and strengthening of the network of advanced institutes. It considers transversality as fundamental for the production of science, culture and technologies, in order to increase the country’s scientific, socio-economic and cultural development.

The Brazilian Forum for Advanced Studies must participate in the reflection on strategic public policies for the future of the University and Society.