Indication: professora Stella Goulart – Department of Psychology of UFMG

Period: From September 20 to November 30, 2017

Dr. Venturini Venturini is an Italian intellectual, medical doctor, researcher, public sector manager, activist of Democratic Psychiatry. He has been known for his collaboration in the construction of Psychiatric Reform in Italy. He follows up and takes part of the building of mental health policy in some countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America (including Brazil). He works with a transdisciplinary perspective. Currently, Dr. Venturini represents the Franca and Franco Basaglia Foundation (of Venice) and the University of Studies of the Republic of San Marino. He is conducting a series of debates, seminars, including the topic of mental health at the University. Among its various publications, it is worth mentioning the book “The curved line: the space and time of de-institutionalization” (FIOCRUZ/ENSP, 2016).