Nomination: Professor César Geraldo Guimarães from the Department of Social Communication and Professor Ruben Caixeta from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at UFMG

Period: October 24th to November 25th, 2005

Author of 6 works of fiction and more than 30 documentary films, Jean Comolli brought together, in Voir et pouvoir (Paris: Verdier, 2004), all of his articles (published in Cahiers du cinéma and other specialized periodicals), as well as texts intervention (presented at festivals, seminars and workshops), produced over more than 15 years. The title, by evoking the well-known work of Michel Foucault (Discipline and Punish), alludes to what constitutes the aesthetic and political power of cinema in the face of the current dissemination of media strategies for spectacularizing social life. Seeking to counteract television’s compulsive desire to make everything visible (through live broadcasts and reality shows) and to make everyone talk (using the interview as a coercive instrument), cinema is tasked with revealing the limits of being able to see, by designating the non-visible as a condition of the meaning of the visible.