Residency Period: January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015

Resident at IEAT, Professor Eduardo Valadares graduated in Physics from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1977), completed a Master’s degree in Physics at the State University of Campinas (1981), a Ph. PhDs at USP and the University of Nottingham (UK). He is currently an associate professor at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. He has written several creative physics project books. In 2001 he received the Francisco de Assis Magalhães Gomes Award for his activities in favor of scientific dissemination in Minas Gerais and in 2006 he was awarded the Denatran Award, in the university student advisor category. He set up the first UFMG business incubator and coordinates the Innovation Laboratory, which aims to foster a culture of innovation and proactivity in undergraduate courses. In 2013 he received the award for the PRECITYE Contest for Pedagogical Exercises and Interventions: Competencias emprendedoras en las ingenierías, within the framework of Mercosur, from the Fundación Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina. As Resident Professor at IEAT, he articulates cooperation networks aimed at creating innovation environments at the university.


The project aims to develop a consistent methodology that supports the implementation of transdisciplinary innovation environments at UFMG, supported by the Innovation Laboratory based at the Institute of Exact Sciences at UFMG. The proposed program comprises a close collaboration with research groups from the Institute of Exact Sciences, the School of Engineering, the Institute of Biological Sciences, in addition to Coltec, the Coordination of Transfer and Technological Innovation (CT&IT) and Inova-UFMG. Innovation promotion programs within the scope of graduate, undergraduate and secondary education, currently carried out on a pilot scale, should be expanded in order to tune current teaching practices to the emerging transdisciplinary approaches that permeate universities and pioneering companies in technological innovation. It is also intended to hold a workshop on innovation environments, whose goal is to bring together researchers representing new trends, catalyze collaborations, generate synergies and stimulate new actions in favor of the generation of environments focused on innovation.