The Office of International Affairs of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) presents itself as an articulator instance of international academic and scientific relations, to capture, implement and monitor projects and inter-university agreements.

Its mission is to position UFMG in the international arena, in order to strengthen the interaction with institutions abroad, ensuring the cosmopolitanism of academic activities. While specific space to handle and mediate the relationships of UFMG with other universities abroad, the International Relations Department  (DRI) has added strategic efforts aimed at inducing internationalization, working on creating programs and projects that facilitate the international cooperation in the various segments of UFMG.

Students and teachers have participated in academic programs, international agreements and exchanges. Currently the Department of International Relations manage agreements with numerous universities from different countries and welcomes every year hundreds of students and a large number of foreign universities missions, among other activities. UFMG, through the International Relations Department , integrates an important consortia of academic and scientific cooperation with countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Australia and Europe, with the aim of developing mutual cooperation in the areas of new technologies, teaching, research and extension.

Areas of expertise

  • Building quality partnerships with foreign institutions;
  • Funding, implementation and monitoring of agreements, agreements and international inter-university programs;
  • Academic exchange program management UFMG / outdoor and outdoor / UFMG;
  • Disclosure international academic opportunities with internal and external community UFMG;
  • Conducting missions in foreign institutions of higher education and research;
  • Reception of foreign bodies missions.