The UFMG Magazine is pleased to announce the launch of its latest edition #29.3, dedicated to the theme “Food: Food, Science & Art”. This volume delves into the depths of the relationship between humanity and food, exploring its dimensions in religions, philosophy, history, literature and arts, highlighting uses, hierarchies, culinary identities, ancestral knowledge, pleasures, appetites and tastes. With guest editors Fabiana de Menezes Soares (UFMG), José Antônio Gontijo (UNICAMP) and Sergio Schneider (UFRGS), the edition highlights the complexity of the act of eating in contemporary society.

Food Identity: Between the Known and the Unknown

The editorial highlights Hippocrates’ famous sentence, “we are what we eat”, highlighting the intrinsic relationship between food and identity. However, sociologist Claude Fischler brings to light the modern paradox that, in the contemporary era, it has become challenging to know exactly what we are consuming.

The editorial addresses crucial questions about the complexity of food, not just as a biological necessity, but as a social phenomenon that organizes economic, social and cultural activities. Food, in addition to satisfying needs, influences power relations, playing a critical role in social maintenance and reproduction.

Challenges and Contradictions in the Current Food System

The edition highlights the complexity of the food issue, involving everything from adequate food distribution to food education. The contemporary food system is critically analyzed, highlighting its failures to meet food security and sustainability requirements.

Studies are cited to illustrate the duality in access to food, with alarming FAO figures on hunger contrasting with the significant impact of the gastronomic sector on the global economy. The IPCC (2019) report is mentioned, emphasizing that “how we produce our food matters”.

Multidisciplinary Contributions: Exploring Food Diversity

The special issue brings together a variety of contributions, covering different areas of study, regions and researchers. From historical analyzes to contemporary studies on pregnant women and the transformation of eating on the street, the articles offer rich perspectives on the intersection between food, science and art.

UFMG Magazine invites readers to explore this special edition and reflect on crucial issues related to food. The diversity of approaches and contributions reflects the magazine’s commitment to promoting an in-depth understanding of the complex web that surrounds the act of eating.

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