Beginning of residency: November 30, 2020

IEAT resident, Geane Carvalho Alzamora holds a degree in Social Communication from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, a master’s and doctorate in Communication and Semiotics from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. She is an associate professor at the Department of Social Communication at UFMG, member of the permanent faculty of the Graduate Program in Social Communication at UFMG, member of the Human Sciences Committee of the Dean of Research at UFMG, coordinator of the Research Advisory Center (NAPq) from FAFICH/UFMG and coordinator of the Teaching Structuring Project Intermedia Connections Laboratory (DCS/UFMG). She was vice-coordinator of the Graduate Program in Social Communication at UFMG in the 2016-2018 biennium. She is a Research Productivity Scholar / CNPq Level 2, FAPEMIG researcher and co-leader of the Núcleo de Conexões Intermídia (CNPq / UFMG).


This proposal aims to investigate how the transmedia dynamics of fake news about science impacts social belief through disputes over meaning in a network and to develop transdisciplinary methodological strategies for research, teaching and extension activities in this area. Specifically, it is intended to: a) foster the interinstitutional construction of a transdisciplinary research network in the investigated area; b) stimulate the production of theoretical-methodological and empirical-conceptual knowledge in transmedia communication focused on the dispute of meanings around transmedia dynamics of fake news about science; c) promote the social expansion of knowledge produced through teaching and extension activities; d) develop, apply and evaluate an original methodology in transmedia communication with a focus on analysis of production, distribution and circulation of false news about science; e) carry out a methodological experiment in transmedia literacy on the investigated topic.

The development of this proposal should result in: an original methodology for analyzing the transmedia dynamics of fake science news; original methodology for communication planning in transmedia literacy; holding an event on the subject of this investigation, with a view to consolidating an academic network in formation; elaboration of a book derived from this investigation; elaboration and submission (to events and/or publications) of two scientific dissemination articles; transmedia kit planning for transmedia literacy.