Residency period: March 6, 2023 to December 22, 2023

Department of Administrative Sciences – Faculty of Economic Sciences/UFMG

Márcio Augusto Gonçalves  is Graduated in Civil Engineering (1982), specialist in Systems Analysis from ICEx/UFMG (1986), Master’s in Business Administration from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1993) and PhD in Business Administration – Aston University (2002). He is currently Full Professor at the Department of Administrative Sciences at UFMG. He works at PPGA-CEPEAD and MPGSS at UFMG. He has experience in the area of Administration, with an emphasis on Finance, Cost Management, Strategy and Projects.

He works mainly on the following topics: Health Economics, Corporate and Health Finance, Project Management, Strategies Implementation, Management and Information Technologies in Health. He coordinates the Health Costs Observatory Network. He is leader of the Center for Observatory on Health Costs and Economics – NOCES / UFMG. Chief Editor of the Journal of Hospital Administration and Health Innovation – RAHIS (ISSN 1983-5205). Coordinator of CEPEAD/UFMG 2013/2017. Didactic Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Strategic Health Management Federassantas-UFMG.


To create sustainable organizations, care is needed in the design of the business model, overcoming the linear economy paradigm and the lack of an adequate ethical perspective. Building a method to design sustainable business models requires a theoretical framework capable of dealing with the complexity of organizations and service ecosystems, addressing macro, meso and micro issues in an integrated manner. A network of researchers and practitioners from various specialties and institutions will provide the critical mass for the development of a theoretically grounded and practical business design method. Entrepreneurs, consultants and university students will be trained in the application of the method, aiming to quickly and widely disseminate the necessary competence to plan sustainable and ethically based business models. Metrics for evaluating the sustainability of business models will also be prepared and certified.