The UFMG Tube is a channel of digital video self-archiving and is aimed at diversifying sources of scientific, cultural and social disclosure that integrate cyberinfrastructure research at UFMG.It seeks to foster scientific debate among the academic community and society at UFMG and expand the influence of actions at the University. The project aims to create an environment conducive to the synergy between researchers and society in order to give greater visibility to existing interactions, as well as allowing communication between scholars who share the same research interests.

The digital video channels, also known as Web TV or TV on demand, intendto support the viewer in the production, reception and interactive dissemination of audiovisual products, qualified according to the profiles of the maintainers of the channels, information flows and the needs and interests of users in a given society.

The big news from online digital video distribution channels- hypervideo -is the possibility of developing new products from the videos provided by users, which could, when attached to blog, course and event sites, broaden the views and understanding about specific information content.

Hypervideo is characterized by the structuring of non-linear audiovisual narratives based on video graphic language. Hypervideo potentiates the communicative possibilities of digital document networking. With the effective adoption of these new devices in the context of academic research, users can navigate blocks of audio-visual information through a nonlinear path. This navigation in hypervideo therefore allows the composition of a broader course in relation to the a priori proposed narrative. The UFMG Tube is organized around the following specific objectives:

  • Systematically registering the cultural and scientific production generated in various events promoted at UFMG;
  • Establishing the audiovisual memory of research produced at UFMG;
  • Collecting and compiling the audiovisual collections of scientific research developed in different UFMG units;
  • Producing scientific thematic dossiers with the purpose of disseminating the content in the form of inserts in the programming of University TV;
  • Producing themed audiovisual encyclopaedias from the editing of indexed excerpts of interviews, colloquiums, seminars and courses;
  • Promoting collaborative production between the different UFMG units;
  • Fostering scientific debate on emerging themes among researchers and ordinary citizens;
  • Contributing to the diversification of sources of information dedicated to scientific and cultural disclosure.

Conteúdo disponível em: French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)