Minas Mundi

Minas Mundi – UFMG Program of International Undergraduate Exchange

What is it?

Minas Mundi is an international program intended to promote scientific and cultural exchange between UFMG and foreign partner institutions, providing UFMG undergraduate students with and international academic experience that dovetails with their curriculum and record of studies.

Who can participate:

Undergraduate students in UFMG who are fully enrolled on courses listed each year by the DRI and who will be at least in their third academic semester when they begin their exchange.

Students who are able to complete at least 50% of the study hours of their course before the commencement of the exchange.

Students who have a General Semester Performance (RSG in the Portuguese acronym) equal to or greater than 3 (three).

Students who, apart from the above mentioned requirements, meet such other requirements as may be specified in the Minas Mundi invitation to apply relating to a particular year.


UFMG undergraduate students who would like to take part in an institutional exchange abroad should prepare early.

You will not be selected is you cannot prove proficiency in the foreign language by the date specified in the Minas Mundi invitation to apply. In additions, the dates of the exams are usually set in advance and the results are not delivered immediately. Therefore, you need to pay attention to registration dates and application dates for the exams required by the foreign institutions, given that not all of them receive the CENEX FALE certificate.

Get as much information as you can about the institution, the country and the city where you want to go.

Try to talk with other students who have already been on an exchange through Minas Mundi in universities that you are interested in, because they will be able to give you useful tips about going on an exchange.


All the students selected should obtain a passport as soon as possible.   For that purpose, they should make an appointment via the Federal Police website.

Unsuccessful applicants should await further invitations to apply. Such students may be invited to take vacancies that occur up until, at the latest, three months before the beginning of the exchange period.

If an unsuccessful applicant is invited to take a vacancy but does not present evidence of the language qualification required by the foreign institution, the student will be excluded.

Unsuccessful applicants who are classified by the Fundação Universitária Mendes Pimentel (FUMP) as being in a precarious socio-economic situation will only receive help from the Grants Fund if they occupy a vacancy left by an applicant who is also so classified by FUMP.

Previous Invitations to Apply

2012 Invitation to Apply