Types of Agreements

The Agreements section is responsible for negotiating international partnerships, such as cooperation agreements, research agreements and exchange agreements, with universities, research institutes and foreign government agencies.

This section conducts the necessary administrative procedures for the approval of such agreements by the pertinent organs at UFMG, being responsible for informing students and professors about the current international partnerships between UFMG and foreign institutions, as well as the procedures for formalizing new agreements.

Legal instruments

The Cooperation Agreement and the Letter of Intent encourage the joint organization of courses, lectures and symposia; facilitating the obtaining of financing by a third party for projects developed in partnership by the signatories.

The Exchange Agreement may establish exchange of undergraduate, graduate, faculty and / or researchers from UFMG and a foreign institution for a specified period (usually one or two semesters).

The Research Agreement formalizes an investigation conducted jointly by members of UFMG and a foreign entity. It facilitates the obtention of external financing and establishes dispositions on intellectual property.

To contact the Agreements section of the Office of International Affairs, please write to:

Mr. Pedro Fiuza – convenios1@dri.ufmg.br

Ms. Samira Lott – convenios2@dri.ufmg.br